The Dominant Wrist

Watches draw attention to your wrist, and Oceanaut watches say a lot about who you are: luxurious, fashionable, and sophisticated.

The traditional way to wear your watch is on your left wrist. It should fit snug, and not loose like a bracelet. However, no one will judge you if you feel more comfortable wearing your watch on the right. Left handed people might feel more comfortable wearing it on their right wrist because they're not using it as much as the left.

The dominant wrist should be free, so the watch does not interfere with other activities. Wearing your watch on your less dominant wrist also makes it easier for you to wind or adjust it.

The best part about having a watch is being able to switch it to which ever wrist you prefer. If you are ambidextrous you will probably find yourself switching between wrists often. It's also a great way to avoid getting a watch tan.