Wristwatches Serve Many Purposes

Over seven thousand people were polled, and 76% of those surveyed were wrist watch owners. The majority wore their watches all the time and the rest only wear watches on special occasions. The beauty of an Oceanaut watches is being able to wear it all the time, and being able to transition into special occasion wear without having to switch watches.

The truth is that watches are multi-functional. Their cutting edge designs have changed the reason many people wear watches today. The majority will say it's more convenient than pulling out a brick from your pocket. However, some people admit to wearing a watch like a bracelet or wearing it as an accessory after the battery has died.  People that wear more than one watch use each for different reasons. One for timekeeping, one for special occasions, another for outdoor activities, and possibly because they don't like to wear the same watch all the time. A survey respondent said he wore his watch because he was an orthodox Jew, so on the Sabbath he doesn't use or carry a cellphone.

Watches have always been useful, so with proper care and maintenance we can enjoy our wristwatch(es) for a lifetime.